Charles R. Swindoll: The Inspirational Writings [Hardcover]

Charles R. Swindoll: The Inspirational Writings [Hardcover] w/ FREE Gift

This book is an omnibus of 3 of Swindoll's books: Improving Your Serve, Strengthening Your Grip, and Dropping Your Guard. (READ MORE BELOW) - 512 pages (1994)

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This book is an omnibus of 3 of Swindoll's books: Improving Your Serve, Strengthening Your Grip, and Dropping Your Guard.

Improving Your Serve: In the push and shove of a busy, self-seeking world, it's easy to lose track of what's really important. In Improving Your Serve, Chuck Swindoll shows the reader a fresh perspective on how to choos e a fulfilling lifestyle. Readers will discover why a straight-from-the-heart generosity brings richer rewards than mere money or position will every buy. Improving Your Serve offers a case for unselfishness and shows why serving others can be a much more fulfilling way to live. Readers will also learn how a radical application of biblical principles of servanthood can transform him or her from the inside out -- and make a real and lasting difference in today's world. Improving Your Serve will help the reader build the foundation for a happy and fulfilled life through demonstrating love for others. By following the principles outlined in Improving Your Serve anyone can become a more authentic person, a warm and transparent human being who lives out real love in the real world. Improving Your Serve is one of Charles Swindoll's finest literary efforts in his crusade to spread Christian teachings, ethics, philosophy, and practices throughout a secular world sadly in need of what the Gospel has to offer. -- Midwest Book Review --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Strengthening Your Grip : Over 800,000 readers can't be wrong. This is a spiritual classic that refreshes souls and changes lives. Realizing that disillusionment and loss of personal resolve have created an aura of apathy in this age, best-selling author, pastor, and radio minister Charles Swindoll calls on his readers to trade in their half-hearted attitudes for fresh vigor in their souls. In this aimless world, Dr. Swindoll tells people how to live with confidence and purpose. Advice on how to get a handle on developing true character and making courageous choices. The author uses insights from the Bible and numerous spiritual anecdotes and stories. Dropping Your Guard: Charles Swindoll unveils a biblical blueprint for rich relationships in this life-changing classic. Swindoll poignantly and honestly portrays the need for authentic love and transparency. In a world of excessive and out-of-balance individualism, here is a book that builds a powerful case for people-with-people involvement. Many of us, says Charles R. Swindoll, have learned that survival is easier when we hide our true selves. We feel safer when we can put up a mask that says "I'm tough" or "I'm holy" or "I'm always in control." The trouble is that as we continue to hide behind our masks we become lonely and isolated, because we have created a distance between ourselves and those whose love and acceptance we really need.

DROPPING YOUR GUARD is Charles Swindoll's challenge to Christians to come out of hiding --- to put down the masks and risk relating to one another openly and honestly. Doing that is not always easy, the author acknowledges --- sometimes it's downright scary. But he maintains that it's the only really satisfying way to live, the only path to authentic, meaningful friendships and genuine fellowship. And in this book he shares some of the essential principles for building such relationships and keeping them healthy: assimilation --- being absorbed in relationships as a participant, not an observer risk-taking --- and sustaining the courage to keep on risking unity --- being one without being "frozen together" authentic love --- overcoming indifference and building close, deep, caring relationships tolerance and compassion --- and what to do when fellowship breaks down resistance to the enemies of growth --- snares like legalism, pressure tactics, and hypocrisy choosing --- making the decision to be involved in others' lives a spirit of hope --- hope for God's people living in relationships These are principles that apply to personal friendships, family situations, professional organizations --- anywhere people encounter other people. But in this book Swindoll is especially concerned with relationships in the Body of Christ. He believes that when Christians learn to drop their guard and relate openly and lovingly the church becomes a bastion of support for its members and leaders, a "city of refuge" for hurting people.







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