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This album was recorded live in two sessions, in Kansas City, Missouri and Amarillo, Texas. Darrell's take on the worshipping congregations was to say they were intense, reaching out to God, turned to His direction even before the first musical chord was struck. For any worship leader reading this, you know that this is a total blessing.

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The title track, as with most of Darrell's songs on this album, has an economy of words and is infinitely singable. Both 'Consuming Fire' and 'Jesus, I Come to Follow' have rhythmic grooves and will serve the Sunday morning worship well if done in the same electric style. Kate Miner backs up on both tracks. As far as Darrell's up-tempo songs go, 'Blessed Be the Lord', 'My Everything' and 'Field of Grace' are all great songs. I especially like 'Fields of Grace'. The song came to Evans as he felt God asking Him to dance with Him. As invasive as this was to his comfort zone, and admitting that he didn't even know how to dance, he did know how to shout and spin around. So he did; he danced with God right there in the end zone of a football field. This is a tremendous song to help break down the walls of pride and self-focus in our lives.

'Exalted' features Charlie Hall on vocals and is a wonderful song with excellent guitar work, and again, simple, but powerful lyrics. 'My Reward' was written and sung by Paul Baloche and is a very melodic, mid-tempo song that props up the eternal rewards against the temporal ones. This song is a definite keeper. This marvelous work will give the worship leader some diverse material from which to choose. It will also serve well as private worship in the home, car, etc… This CD and its live performance make this great project to buy. Get it now while the supply lasts! - Review by John Ausmus Inc.



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