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"Even though his band broke up underneath him, this man has gotten right back out there with a solo album before our tear-soaked tissues could dry up. Pete Stewart is back.

Some may know him from the late hard rock band Grammatrain which broke up last fall (hence the tear-soaked tissues). But Pete didn't let that stop him. Only a month or two after the break-up, Pete ventured into the studio with dc Talk's Michael Tait producing, to record his first solo project on Forefront Records. The ultimate highlight on this project isn't the duet with Michael Tait in "Uphill Battle" (which is fantastic and comes in as a very close second), but is the rocker "Don't Underestimate Me." It's a pop/rock song that sort of carries a "Grammatrain Lite" sort of vibe. An instant favorite.

This album, when I first heard it, didn't seem all too spectacular, but after multiple listens, this project has grown on me and is working its way into my daily CD rotation. It's still not Grammatrain and is still somewhat of a tease to hear Stewart's vocals gracing a completely different kind of musical backdrop. - Review date: 2/14/99, written by John DiBiase

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Track listing

1. Out of My Mind

2. Better Off

3. Uphill Battle

4. Worship Song

5. Little Country Church

6. Don't Underestimate

7. Spinning

8. Up in the Sky

9. The Reason Is You

10. The One

11. Waiting For the Son


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