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Sarah Masen shines on this collection of thought-provoking music. Charlie Peacock's production is sparse and pure and timeless, bringing the focus ever on Sarah's voice, her words. And the voice speaks as much as the lyrics do, and the lyrics have enough substance to satisfy listeners, and just enough space between the lines for multiple layers of feeling and meaning to seep and shine through.

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This is clearly an unheralded Woman of God, in an era in which the "heralded" "Women of God" are at least 95% hype, stagecraft, makeup, and rehashed sunday school content. Not Sarah, she wrestles with demons, the REAL demons we all face, not the cartoon characters invoked by the Benny Hinns of our sad, sad time. She has enough fire within to find glimpses of God where the light don't shine, to sing through laughter and tears at the same time, not for Nashville-production-effect, but because singing through these paradoxical states of expression is what it is all about when you are both a solid Christian and a solid artist. And she's both, thank God Almighty.

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