Streams in The Desert CD - Point of Grace, 4Him, Cindy Morgan

Track Listing:

1. Job - Cindy Morgan

2. Don't Give Up - Maire Brennan/Michael McDonald

3. Breathe - Sixpence None The Richer

4. Sanctuary - Chris Rodriguez

5. Hold On - Michelle Tumes

6. The Only Thing I Need - 4Him/Jon Anderson

7. Find Me In The River - Delirious?/Amy Grant

8. I Will Rest In You - Jaci Velasquez

9. From Above - Burlap To Cashmere

10. Forever On And On - Point Of Grace

11. Orchestral Suite: For Cova - Irish Film Orchestra

12. Orchestral Suite: Abigail - Irish Film Orchestra

13. Orchestral Suite: Delaney McDowell - Irish Film Orchestra

14. Orchestral Suite: Streams (For John Cole) - Irish Film Orchestra


Streams in The Desert CD - Point of Grace, 4Him, Cindy Morgan


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From CCM Magazine:

Producers Loren Balman and Brent Bourgeois have incorporated an array of talented vocalists, songwriters and players, yet have managed to develop an album of material that is not merely a collection of disparate songs and styles around a common theme, but rather a musical experience that cohesively hangs together. The gift of Streams is the acknowledgment that life is difficult, but that we are not alone. Unexpected couplings provide the record's musical surprises.

There's Clannad's Mare Brennan singing the Peter Gabriel role in his classic, "Don't Give Up," joined by former Doobie Brother Michael McDonald singing the Kate Bush part. It won't make you forget the original, but it does sound great. Former Yes frontman Jon Anderson brings vocal air to Bourgeois tune "The Only Thing I Need." Amy Grant joins with Delirious on the English rockers' song of plaintive praise, "Find Me in the River." Elsewhere, the musical offerings vary but never compete with the rather brooding, bittersweet vibe that owes its rich musical coloring to the presence of the Irish Film Orchestra throughout.

After the vocal tracks, four instrumental offerings close out the disc from the Irish orchestra. The lush sound is neither sweet nor melancholy. It embraces the richness of human experience and the longing for the wholeness that we only know in God's love. Brian Quincy Newcomb (c) 1999 CCM Communications, Inc.





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